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Old World Kitchen Decor
Creating a casual old world kitchen look is easy with furniture and accessories designed for Spanish, Tuscan and French Country kitchens. Large metal cook ware, colorful ceramic food canisters and large decorative platters and bowls, in the richest of warm earthy colors, decorate walls, old world kitchen islands and open shelves. Bring a casual look to an old world kitchen with Mediterranean style accessories. Welcome friends and family to your Tuscan, Spanish or French Country style home with the beauty of a large rustic iron pot rack hanging above your kitchen island or mounted on unused wall space. Consider a variety of textures in your kitchen decorating theme. Metal towel and wine racks, iron pot hangers and wood furniture are complimented by natural greenery and fruit. Displaying earthenware vessels, large ceramic serving accessories and colorful kitchen canisters is an ideal approach to a casual old world kitchen decorating theme. Blend the simplistic beauty of Old World style with the sophistication of today's modern decorating accessories for Tuscan, Spanish and French Country style kitchens. Create a casual look that makes your home beautifully well-designed.
French Rooster Decorating The Well-Decorated Old World Kitchen

Decorative metal urns, oversized platters and rustic copper vessels make a dramatic statement in the old world kitchen.

Whether your decorating style is French country, Tuscan, or Spanish, the addition of metal urns, a rustic iron hanging pot rack, aged copper wares, large ceramic figurines and decorative iron wall decor can pull old world kitchen design elements together.

Create a decorative focal point by keeping similar decorative objects together in one area. In the picture left, the decorative copper buckets are most dramatic displayed together on the iron pot rack. Spreading the copper around the kitchen diminishes the impact.

One large decorative rooster is more dramatic than ten small ones found throughout the kitchen. Small items create clutter and with all that goes on in a kitchen, clutter just gets in the way.

Iron candle holders, lamps and lanterns have provided light in rural Europe for centuries. Before electrification, iron was the favorite material for creating ornate and simple candle lighting fixtures. Enjoy displaying and decorating with iron light fixtures, metal candle holders, large metal urns, iron wall decor and iron pot racks. Embellish kitchen counters, shelves, walls and mantels with the beauty of iron.

The latest in old world kitchen design and food preparation accessories blend the simplistic beauty of old world style with the sophistication of today's modern kitchen and food preparation accessories.

Enjoy decorating with kitchen furniture and decorating accessories that make your kitchen BEAUTIFULLY OLD WORLD!

Capture the spirit of old world decorating with Furniture and Decorating Products for these Old World Kitchen Styles

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The Casual Spanish Style Kitchen
There is no mistaking the Spanish influence in this Mediterranean style kitchen. Decorative tiles, cheerful color, tiled vent hood, dark wood cabinets and arched storage niches above the counter work space give authentic Spanish style to this setting. Wooden spoons are stored in earthenware jars and the tiled shelf above the cooktop is ideal for spices and condiments. Faux floral and fruit, displayed in unique containers, compliments and softens the Spanish style kitchen.

Rustic Tuscan Style Kitchens
Choosing Accessories for a Tuscan Look

When decorating a Tuscan kitchen, consider dramatic red as an accent color. Red food canisters and decorative red pottery are finishing touches sure to add a needed punch of color in your kitchen decorating theme. Shades of red produce spectacular results in Tuscan kitchen design.

When choosing artwork for the Tuscan style kitchen, include artwork in the subjects of vineyard life, antiqued fruit and floral, Tuscan landscapes, architectural columns, ancient statues, aged iron work and rugged coastlines.

Rustic Urns and Vessels in Tuscan Decor

Rustic earthenware is a hallmark of Mediterranean design. Ceramic and earthenware urns, vases and containers provide color, texture and theme. Designed for Tuscan and French Country style homes, our large selection of oversized vases and unique urns bring dramatic Mediterranean style to the Tuscan style kitchen, entry foyer and all rooms throughout the rustic style home. Our large variety of styles provide a myriad of display and decorating options.


Few decorating accessories say Mediterranean like earthenware and ceramic vessels. Used throughout Mediterranean regions for centuries, classic urns, vases and containers enhance an old world decorating theme throughout all rooms of the Mediterranean home. Rustic earthenware vessels, in the richest of warm earthy colors, compliment granite counters, kitchen cabintery, copper and stucco vent hoods, wood hutches, dining tables and fireplace mantels.
In the Tuscan Kitchen Iron Wall Art Creates Interest and Style

We offer a large selection of iron wall art for casual home decorating. Consider iron wall decor when decorating a Tuscan kitchen.
(LEFT) Our casual Tuscan style kitchen is in need of some serious help. The ceiling is 10' high and the space above the tiled arch lacks interest and style.

(RIGHT) With the help of an iron topper placed above the tiled arch, the long expansive space is broken by scrolls of wrought iron. The arch no longer floats in mid air. The topper is the crowning touch to tie the arch and the two large furniture pieces into one attractive unit. The height and the size of the back splash overwhelms the countertop accessories. The arched iron grille breaks up the large space and compliments both the arched topper above and the iron grille work in the kitchen cabinet doors.

Artwork as Kitchen Wall Decor
Choosing Wall Art for a French Country Look

Fresh artwork will change a kitchen's ambience almost as quickly as a fresh coat of paint. Artwork sets the mood and creates the theme. Consider updating tired old prints with stylish new ones that are complimentary to your old world look. When creating a casual old world kitchen, acquire artwork in the subjects of farm life, still life fruit, floral and birds, flower-laden landscapes, fleur de lis architectural themes, ancient French buildings and French seaside villages.

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French Country Style French Country Kitchen Decor
Country French Kitchen Design
Home Decor Products for Decorating the French Country Kitchen

Subdued exterior color and more vivid interior color are trademarks of French Country style.
French Country Style Kitchens
The French Country kitchen is designed as the home's gathering place. The lay out is casual and large enough to accommodate several cooks. The kitchen atmosphere is one that finds family and guests at ease and wanting to join in the cooking. Colors are equally comforting with inspiration drawn from nature. Buttery yellows and golds, rich reds, cranberry and burgundy, grass and hunter greens and oceanic blues are often chosen to enhance neutral rusts and creams.

Open shelving is a trademark of French Country style kitchens. Fresh vegetables and fruit, wine, cook ware, food canisters and dinnerware are kept in reach and as a result become decorative accessories.

The French look to the countryside when decorating their country homes. Farm life is often a decorative theme with sheep, cows, pigs and roosters as the subject of figurines, hand painted dinnerware and framed art.

French Country Kitchens

French kitchen cabinetry and furniture can be rustic or designed with ornate carvings, prominent corbels and lavish molding details. Dark woods are often mixed with light-colored woods. French country cabinets may have no doors and are often large pieces of rustic designed furniture. Finishes are worn and French Country kitchen furniture is frequently painted with designs. Read more about rustic kitchen furniture.


Rooted in 18th and 19th centuries and nurtured by hundreds of years of global influences, the French country decorating style is one of the most popular decor styles in the United States.

Relying on the influences of the French Louis XV style, but being a more primitive and rustic style, the casual French country style is most closely associated with the French Provence region of southern France.

French country is a decorating style that endures the test of time. It is a decor style beloved for its casual appeal to the busy homeowner.

Discover ideas for quick and easy decorating projects to give a home plenty of French country flair. Learn more about French Country decorating. Capture the spirit of French Country decor with French Country wall decor and furniture products.
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