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Rustic Kitchen Decor and Decorating - Rustic Kitchen Decorating Ideas and Images

Rustic Old World Kitchens in Mediterranean - French Country - Italian Countryside Style

Creating the Rustic Kitchen Look with Rustic Furniture
Rustic Furniture Decorating Ideas and Pictures

Blend the beauty of old world rustic style with the sophistication of today's modern rustic furniture, rustic accessories and complimentary decorating colors.

LEARN ABOUT MODERN RUSTIC KITCHEN DECORATING with Rustic Kitchen Colors, Rustic Kitchen Textures and Rustic Kitchen Furniture and Accessories

Choosing Rustic Kitchen Color
Orange is a signature color for the rustic kitchen. Known to stimulate appetites, orange is ideal for rustic kitchen design. Studies show that when humans view orange they feel comfortable and at ease and that they often associate the color with food.

Shades of orange are seen throughout rustic kitchen design from stucco finishes to dark wood cabinets to rustic furniture to wood floors and exposed ceiling beams to granite counter tops. Copper is a favorite metal for rustic kitchen decorating as well as coppery metal patinas found in oil rubbed bronze faucetry, cabinet hardware and cabinet hinges. The darkest shades of orange are found in rust colored iron wall art. Iron wall decor, iron light fixtures and iron pot racks are common to rustic kitchen design. Iron wall decor offers a myriad of choices and solutions for rustic style decorating. Iron wall decor can be introduced into a rustic decorating theme by using iron wall grilles as a grand focal point or to create the illusion of windows in a small kitchen.

Consider shades of orange when decorating and designing a rustic kitchen. Red kitchen accessories look great in an orange color scheme.

Choosing Rustic Kitchen Colors

In a rustic kitchen visual depth is created with heavily textured walls and rich Mediterranean color. Yellow and orange are important colors in rustic Mediterranean kitchens.

Yellow kitchen wall color is subdued and found in shades of gold as seen in golden olive oil and creamy stucco walls in ancient buildings. Shades of gold are Mediterranean neutrals found on floors and walls as well as in French Country style cabinetry and furniture.

The orange in Mediterranean design is burnt terra cotta orange or even darker. Rusty burnt orange is used on walls and floors. Darkest shades are found in dark Tuscan style cabinetry and furniture.

For rustic kitchen accent colors, warm tomato red, cobalt blue, olive green and golden sunflower yellow are often found in ceramic art throughout southern Europe.

Rustic Kitchen Furniture
Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen RUSTIC KITCHEN FURNITURE STYLES
In the following pictures of rustic kitchen furniture, one sees the myriad of furniture choices available when designing a rustic kitchen style.

When visiting the popular Provence and Tuscany regions, the traveler is often surprised by the lack of fixed cabinetry in the rustic Mediterranean kitchens of France and Italy.

Large wood farm tables placed in the center of the kitchen are used for food preparation. Dishes are kept on open shelves or in primitive wood hutches. Kitchen furniture may be simplistic or hand painted with farm life designs.

Wood pieces are mismatched in color and often show signs of centuries of use. Finishes are worn and a variety of woods, colors and textures is common to rustic kitchen furnishings throughout the European countryside.

TRADITIONAL RUSTIC KITCHEN FURNITURE can be simple or embellished in design. It can be fashioned from iron, rustic woods or fine hardwoods. Rustic kitchen furniture often includes accents of stone, copper, iron or tile. See our
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Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen
Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen
Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen

Storage for staples is often a large amoire. Amoires that do duty as the kitchen pantry are embellished with large exposed rustic hinges and decorative iron latches.

Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen
Rustic Furniture for the Kitchen

Rustic kitchen colors are drawn from natural materials. Brown and orange tones have a connection with earth, reds and greens with vegetation - ivory, yellow and tan with stone and blues have a connection with sky and water. A hallmark of rustic kitchen design is color connection with nature.

Consider a rustic wrought iron backdrop, small framed artwork, old copper cooking utensils and decorative floral, fruits and greenery in above cabinet and hutch displays. Rustic kitchen decoration often includes iron wall decor, large dinnerware serving accessories and brightly colored kitchen canisters. On a an open shelf or in the space above kitchen cabinets, group large iron bowls, earthenware vessels and imported Italian urns and pots.   Read more about Rustic Kitchen Styles.
For the rustic look, try accessories with worn, imperfect finishes.
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Rustic Finishing Touches for the Kitchen

Iron candle holders, lamps and lanterns have provided light in rural Europe for centuries. Before electrification, iron was the favorite material for creating ornate and simple candle lighting fixtures.

Enjoy displaying and decorating with metal wine racks, earthenware vessels, ceramic canisters, gracefully designed vases and unique decorative containers throughout your rustic style kitchen. Aged earthenware canisters and containers, in the richest of warm earthy colors, embellish kitchen counters, shelves, tables and corners.
Kitchen Containers


Large, impressive containers are found in rustic old world style kitchens. Antique inspired vessels are favorites for rustic kitchen decor. In the kitchen, oversized ceramic and metal containers hold dried floral and collections of faux fruit and vegetables.

Bold and dramatic subjects like fruit, farmlife, floral and antique vessels are favorites for kitchen artwork. Art is an ideal vehicle for adding color, texture and theme to kitchen decorating. When designing a rustic kitchen, consider providing wall space to display favorite kitchen wall art.   Kitchen Wall Decor
Kitchen Artwork